Winter Meetings: O’s Don’t Want Bautista

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The Baltimore Orioles have introduced many fans to the art of savagery. 

Jose Bautista has been a thorn in the O’s side for years now. He has begun to build a reputation as one of the most hated players in the Majors. However, he is a free agent and the Orioles have a need in right field. It doesn’t mean that the Orioles necessarily want him though and it has something to do with the fans’ perception of Joey Bats:

The many fans just don’t like him in Baltimore. This is a fact. I’m pretty sure that the Orioles’ players don’t like him either. Bautista and Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones, got into a spat in 2015 after Bautista pimped a home run:

The easiest way to ruin the chemistry of a team is to acquire a player that the team leader may not be too fond of. Jones is easily the Baltimore Orioles biggest leader and he probably had a say in the Orioles’ decision to not pursue Bautista. In addition to this, Bautista took an ugly shot at Orioles manager Buck Showalter after that very game:

I think it’s all planned out & premeditated. I think they hide behind the way their manager acts & conducts himself on the field.

Not a good look if you wanted to get signed by this team down the road. You don’t take shots at the Jonesy, his manager or the team in general. As for the baseball side of things, Bautista is declining. He is 36-years old and hit .234/.366/.452 with just 22 homers last season. Those dwindling numbers wouldn’t entice me to sign him at all. His glove isn’t what it used to be either. Let’s just be real here, who wants to sign a .234 hitter for $20M per season? Obviously not the Orioles and they are going the intelligent route by not making this deal.


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