Watch: Manny Machado is Unreal

On Monday, the Baltimore Orioles defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2 in extra innings.

Before the Orioles won the game, third baseman Manny Machado made an incredible play. Blue Jays second baseman Devon Travis hit a shot down the third base line. If Machado didn’t stop it, it would’ve been a double because of Travis’ speed. Then Manny Magic happened:

Let’s take this into account. Machado was literally on one knee, fell back and launched a ball accurately to Chris Davis who scooped the ball off of the ground. The two players often make plays like this together.

“Really good defensive plays today,” Showalter said to MASNSports after the game. “Obviously, Manny, my gosh. There’s a part of his ability that very seldom do I have to play him on the line because of his range. I thought that play was a great example of it. We may lean that way. I’ll give him a signal every once in a while about leaning that way with a guy like Pearce who’s a bottom-hand hooker with that pitch down and in, but it’s just such a weapon for us.

“We never take it for granted. For a guy who played shortstop, he’s really … We’ve been very fortunate to have some very good third basemen.”

The 24-year old tweaked his wrist on the play, but he stayed in the game. Showalter explained Machado’s injury after the game:

He’s got a pretty good skin mark on top and that was what I was worried about was how he got it caught up underneath him. What’s better, the play or the throw? Who else makes that throw? Nobody? I see stuff happen every night.

Machado is a two-time Gold Glove and a one-time Platinum Glove Award winner. He constantly makes insane plays on a regular basis and we are unworthy to be in his presence.

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