Maryland Basketball: Making The Case For Baltimore

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Maryland basketball took on the Charlotte 49ers two days ago at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore. 

Maryland defeated Charlotte in an 88-72 game that they struggled in from the start, but that arguably wasn’t the most important issue of the night. It was the fans in Baltimore who came to see their home state Terps play basketball in the largest city in the state. The announced crowd for the game was 7,139 and it was right before Christmas, on a Tuesday.

“What a great crowd tonight. It’s the best crowd we’ve had in three or four games so I was proud of that,” Turgeon said. “Our guys like coming over here. Every time I come to the city there’s so many Terp fans over here that make you feel special, so we’ve enjoyed it the last two years. Of course we’ve won both games which helps, and we’ve had great crowds, so it’s been a lot of fun.”

It wasn’t the most well-planned game of the year. Especially considering that the Terps played against a bad basketball team and played in Baltimore mid-week. The arena that they played in also hasn’t been in the best of shape and I could name many reasons as to why it isn’t looked at favorably.

Although the Baltimore game has all of these issues working against it, I believe that it is essential for the Terps to have a game in the city, at least once a year. Even if they play in the poor Royal Farms Arena, a facility that doesn’t have enough seating (seats up to 14,000) or the luxuries of a larger arena, it helps to recruit kids from the Baltimore area.

Darryl Morsell, who is a four-star guard from Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore, committed to Maryland basketball. Its one thing that the Terps have done better in recent years and that has been to recruit in the Baltimore area. There will be more players that are funneled from the city and surrounding counties alike who will want to be part of the movement.

Finally, this game and the support it receives each season is key. Depending on how successful Baltimore’s AFL team is and how much money it can bring to the arena could result in renovations for the “Big Chicken Box”. The Terps are in need of this trek to Baltimore succeeding. It will surely help them in the long run.

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