Should Baltimore Make a Move On Draft Day?

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The Baltimore Ravens have the 16th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft starting on Thursday. 

They also have a big decision to make. Should they trade their pick on draft day? That is a questioned that we have posed three days before the draft here at BMore Wired:

Trading Up

Dez Bryant, Kyle Arrington, C.J. Mosley
Dez Bryant had a chance to be a Raven once upon a time. (AP)

Baltimore has missed a few opportunities in trading up for a playmaker. One example of this took place on April 22, 2010, where the Ravens had the 25th pick in the draft and wide receiver Dez Bryant was still on the board. In a swift move, the Dallas Cowboys traded up for the 24th pick in the draft. They would select Bryant, who now is considered to be one of the best wideouts in the league.

The argument for making a move up could be made for Baltimore. They need a playmaker and this upcoming draft is chock full of them. Names like Corey Davis, Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette and Mike Williams are all part of this draft class that can make noise as game-changers.

Davis and Williams would add a dynamic to a Ravens passing game that has rarely been seen. They both possess a jump ball receiving ability to go up and make catches, as well as solid speed. After losing Steve Smith to retirement and Kamar Aiken to free agency, the Ravens need a big-play receiver.

Fournette and Cook could also make a gigantic difference in the running game. Each running back has been known to break tackles and are super athletic. Although the Ravens have good running backs in Kenneth Dixon and Terrance West, Cook or Fournette could add another dynamic back to this trio.

Trading Back

Super Bowl win: Super Bowl XLVII Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco was a Super Bowl winner in 2013. (AP)

Baltimore famously traded back in the 2008 draft to draft their current starting quarterback Joe Flacco. That obviously worked out pretty well for the Ravens as Flacco won a Super Bowl in 2013. However, the Ravens also traded back to get outside linebacker Sergio Kindle in the second round of the 2010 draft. Kindle would fall down the steps and hasn’t played since 2013.

The Ravens could possibly trade back to make a great move. Cam Robinson is offensive tackle that fits a need for Baltimore after losing Rick Wagner to free agency. He has been projected to be picked in the middle-to-late parts of the first round of the draft. Adding Robinson could give the Ravens the big offensive line that could protect Flacco for years to come.

There is also a player like John Ross who can light up defenses with blazing speed and exceptional route-running. He also compares to a player like DeSean Jackson who is a smaller receiver, but brings a big impact.

Baltimore could get players in the part of the first like Robinson or Ross. They could also stockpile picks in later rounds that could end up being impact players.

Standing Pat

The Ravens could also stick with the pick that they have and pray that a player that they really like is there. As we know, the NFL Draft is highly unpredictable. Their favorite player may not be there if they wait around. It could make for some interesting situations.

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