Maryland Basketball: Georgetown Reaction, Stony Brook Preview

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Maryland basketball vs. Stony Brook prediction and a reaction to the Georgetown and Towson wins.

Holy shit. I know I’m a few days late on this, but how about the Maryland basketball comeback on Georgetown last week? Down 7 with a minute left and win out right? I want to start by saying that Justin Jackson might be the real deal. Dude is averaging almost 12 and 8. I get that it is a small sample size, but his best game was against Georgetown, so take that for what you will.

Anthony Cowan is wise beyond his years. A play that really stuck out to me was within the final minute where he drew that foul off a dead ball play. He literally grabbed the defenders arm, but somehow got the foul. I will take that all day. And how about him hitting some clutch free throws. I know my sphincter would have been air tight, but the moment didn’t faze him.

How about my man, big red with the pipe to end the game. I felt like Russ Tyler’s brother in Mighty Ducks 2 when he was screaming, “That’s my boy, that’s my boy.” Just an electric moment and a hell of a game by the three freshman.

Melo did Melo things and I love that he can play free because Cowan can handle the ball and create for himself.

Finally, Nickens and Brantley can do the running man right out of the arena. Nickens really needs to hit a few to get his confidence up because he sure doesn’t have any right now.

After a close and I mean close win against Towzzzon (71-66), let’s move on to tonight’s game against the Seawolves of Stony Brook. On a side note, what the hell is a seawolve, the distant cousin of ManBearPig? Anyway, Stony Brook is 0-2, but one shining spot is their 6’7” forward Tyrell Sturdivant who is averaging just shy of 19 and 9. On paper this team looks guard heavy, so look for the Terps to murder the Seawolves on the glass.

BREAKING NEWS: Dodd is out with a concussion. This changes things because Dodd is a rim protector, so look for bender to see a ton of action. I still like to the Terps to win big. On most sports books, the Terps are laying 17.5.

Pick: Terps -17.5

I think Maryland basketball are going to win the rebound battle heftily and that will allow for a ton of second chance points.

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