Joe Flacco vs. Matt Ryan: Not Even Close

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Many Baltimore Ravens fans have been hung up on a certain question: Who is better, Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco?

The comparison has started since the two were drafted in 2008. Ryan went third overall to the Atlanta Falcons. Flacco went 18th overall to Baltimore. Since then, Ravens fans have linked the two quarterbacks to the hip. However, there’s always an answer to the question

Well, it’s an easy answer and it isn’t very close.

Ryan has much better stats than Flacco in the regular season, every single year. He has thrown for 37,701 yards, 240 TDs, 114 INTs, and a 64.9% completion rate during the life of his career.

Flacco, although having played very well in the playoffs, just doesn’t matchup well with Ryan during the regular season throughout his career. The Ravens quarterback has thrown for 32,639 yards, 182 TDs, 117 INTs, and holds a 61.5% completion rate.

The biggest argument among Baltimoreans is that Joe stacks up better during the playoffs. Ryan has the stats, while Flacco has the results. Ryan has played tremendously during the playoffs and because of him not playing as many games during the playoffs, we have to use averages for comparison.

During the course of his playoff career, Ryan has averaged 280 yards per game, 2.3 TDs per game, 1 INT per game and a 67.9% completion rate. As much as many fans tout Flacco’s 10-5 playoff record, which is insanely good, he hasn’t had the stats that Ryan has had. Flacco has averaged 214.9 yards per game, 1.7 TDs per game, 1.5 INTs per game and a 56.6% completion rate.

Ryan has been an MVP candidate this season. He most likely will win it because he has elevated the play of all of his receivers, including the unflappable Julio Jones. Also, he has a command of the game that has been compared to Tom Brady, who he will face in the Super Bowl in just a few weeks. If you don’t believe me, look at his stats from the past six games:

Ryan’s possible MVP season has been off of the wall: 4944 passing yards, 38 TDs, only 7 INTs, and completion percentage of 69.9%. He also holds the highest passer rating (117.1) and the highest quarterback rating (83.3). Flacco has NEVER been that good.

The 2016 season was the first year that Flacco has thrown for 4,000+ yards. Ryan has seven 4,000+ yard seasons. Flacco has two seasons where he has thrown for 25 or more touchdowns. Ryan has six seasons.

I will say it here first. I am one of the biggest Flacco supporters that anyone will ever meet. I believe that he’s an above-average quarterback who raises his play in big games, especially during the playoffs. However, he just doesn’t have what Ryan has.

Ryan has charisma and he also reads defenses like a hawk. You just don’t see Joe read defenses like Matty Ice does. He definitely isn’t as accurate as Ryan, but many aren’t though. In this situation, you just have to give Ryan the credit that he deserves.

The fact of the matter is, Ryan is better than Flacco. He has always been better than Flacco, even in the playoffs. He will most likely always be better than Flacco.

The argument has been over for a long time.

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