College Football Playoff Chaos

The latest College Football Playoffs make us wonder what the committee is looking for down the stretch.

The College Football Playoff Committee has its work cut out for it. After three weeks of rankings, I’m finding it hard to get a read on what they value. One week they are using wins against teams with an above .500 record and the next week it seems they are using entire conferences to validate particular teams.

The Committee clearly values the Big Ten as the best conference in the nation. According to the College Football Playoff Committee Executive Director, Bill Hancock “Conference champion is indeed an explicit factor, but division champ is not.”  This is clearly the committee protecting against the possibility of Ohio State beating Michigan, which would open the door for Penn State to win the Big Ten East and then the Big Ten Championship. For me, it is hard to imagine the Big Ten getting two teams in, a one loss Ohio State and a two loss champ, whether its Wisconsin out of the West or Penn State out of the East.

The committee desperately needs Michigan to win the Big Ten with one loss to avoid that ridiculous scenario. Outside of Ohio State, I simply am not that impressed with the Big Ten. Maybe if Michigan can go get a win outside of their home state I will reevaluate that statement.

The ACC is another conference that needs to get things figured out. No one seems to want to win the Coastal division after UNC and Virginia Tech both were upset this week. They needed Clemson to get another highly thought of win in the ACC Championship game. The weaker the ACC looks, the harder it will be for the committee to justify putting in both Louisville and Clemson. Throw in the fact that Louisville should have lost to Virginia and Clemson should have lost to NC State and you have even harder time squeezing both of those teams in.

As I mentioned as a possibility after the first CFP rankings were released, the committee chose to move one loss Boise State (3-7 ATS) ahead of still undefeated Western Michigan. This is important as it will determine which group of five team will make a New Years Six Bowl. Playing in the MAC pretty much ensures that Western Michigan has no hope of sniffing that CFP even if they go undefeated. However, if these upper echelon teams continue to perform as though they don’t want to make the final four, Western Michigan would be more than obliged to step up to the plate.  They are 2-0 against the Big Ten this year and we all know how the committee loves them some….oh never mind.

I, for one would love for more chaos to ensue this weekend. Some people just want to see the world burn and more teams in the top ten losing this week would do that. But when it comes down to it, Alabama will play the role of Batman and save the day. Roll Damn Tide.

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