Boston’s Holier Than Thou Attitude Nearly Kills Manny Machado

On Sunday, Baltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado was thrown at by Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Matt Barnes, resulting in an ejection of Barnes. 

This incident stemmed from a poor slide from Machado on Friday night into Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia’s leg. After the contact, Machado attempted to catch Pedroia to soften the impact. Unfortunately, Pedroia was still injured and it led to the bean ball on Sunday.

“Extremely late slide,” Boston manager John Farrell said, per “The argument at the time was if the rule’s in place to protect the middle infielder, well, then it didn’t work tonight. I know there’s a component to the rule that says he’s got to deliberately and willfully attempt a double play. When you’re cleaned out beyond second base, and the runner never held second base completely, to me, the rule failed tonight.”

Machado stated that his slide wasn’t intentional. Obviously, some Boston players didn’t believe this and they retaliated on Sunday. The other issue that is overshadowed is Eduardo Rodriguez’s throws at Machado previous to Barnes’. Despite missing three straight times, Barnes threw at Machado’s head, which could’ve caused an injury that affected his quality of life.

“It’s definitely a mishandled situation,” Pedroia said, per The Boston Globe. “There was zero intention of him trying to hurt me. He just made a bad slide. He did hurt me. It’s baseball, man,” Pedroia said. “I’m not mad at him.”

To make matters worse, Barnes denied meaning to throw at Machado. That’s obviously a bunch of crap to be completely frank. Watch the video:

As one can see, the catcher set up away. The manner in which Barnes threw at Machado was direct and looked pretty intentional.

“I would never, ever intentionally throw at somebody’s head,” Barnes said, per The Boston Globe. “That’s kind of a line that you don’t cross. I’m sorry that it kind of ended up that high. Fortunately it did not hit him. I think he probably has every right to be mad that one got loose.”

Farrell would defend his pitcher by saying that it was a mistake.

“He’s trying to go up and in and make no mistake, the ball got away from him. My comments are what they are. It’s a dangerous pitch when you get up and in there. Thankfully he didn’t get hit up in there,” Farrell said, per The Boston Globe.

It looked pretty intentional to me.

One Boston fan clamored for another throw at Machado:

One friend of the show, Eric Arditi of Barstool Sports, was pretty disgusted with some of the unbelieveable tweets from Pete Abraham and Jared Carrabis:

This overarching issue of throwing at people after a bad slide needs to be fixed. No one should ever throw at anyone with a baseball. No matter if it’s the ribs, the leg, the butt, etc. It doesn’t make any sense that someone throws a baseball, that’s very hard might I add, 90-something miles per hour at someone’s head.

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