We are excited to announce BMore Wired, a brash new sports podcast giving real fan opinions on the state of the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, Maryland Terrapins and more sports.

The focus of the show is to give Baltimore fans an opinion of our teams from the voices of local fans. The show is headlined by Joe Serpico and Scott Rosario, both of whom are season ticket holders for the Orioles.

Expect the unexpected. Scott and Joe do have some similarities, but overall, expect to hear two sports fans with drastically different views on the world of sports. Joe will bring the facts, while Scott is relentless in his criticism of the local teams. It’s a duo that will offer quality airtime with it’s share of laughs and arguments.

We hope that you enjoy our work and feel free to heckle us online:


BMore Wired


BMore Wired

Joe Serpico

Scott Rosario

Kyle Andrews

Connor Phillips

John DeWitt

Steve Rowley


BMore Wired